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Welcome to Manila FC Youth Team!

At Manila FC Youth Team, we’re dedicated to creating the perfect fusion of education and football excitement! It’s more than just refining football skills; it’s about an exhilarating journey that also imparts invaluable life lessons.

Join the Manila FC Youth Team, founded by Thomas Vivian Montet, an alumnus of Oxford University. Our commitment lies in seamlessly integrating expert coaching with academic values to provide a truly enriching experience. Don’t delay, as our available spots are filling up fast!

Our exceptional coaches are not only geared towards helping your child excel in football but also in life. We go the extra mile by instilling essential life skills such as teamwork, sportsmanship, and personal growth.

With Manila FC Youth Team, your child will not only shine as a football star but also develop into a well-rounded individual. Forge enduring friendships, savor every moment, and thrive both academically and athletically

🛡️ Prioritizing Player Safety: Rest assured, your child’s safety is our utmost concern. We strictly prohibit the use of heads to hit the ball during practice or games to ensure their well-being and development..

Join us at Manila FC Youth Team, where fun is the name of the game!

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